An Asphalt Paving Contractor May Put In A New Driveway When Your Old One Is Damaged

If your asphalt driveway is old and in bad shape, the best thing for it might be to tear out the old asphalt and put in a new driveway. Sometimes repairs are possible, but when the soil under the driveway is washed away or if the asphalt is full of holes and cracks, putting in a new driveway is the best solution. An asphalt paving contractor will examine your driveway and let you know the type of work it needs. Here are some steps involved in a new driveway installation.

Decide If You Want Upgrades

When the old asphalt is torn out, you have the opportunity to build the new driveway how you want as long as you comply with local building codes. You might want a double driveway so you can park more cars or a circular driveway so it's easier to pull onto the street. If you'll make changes, you'll probably need the asphalt paving contractor to draw up plans and submit them for a permit.

Remove All The Old Asphalt

The old asphalt has to be broken up and moved to a dump truck. Your contractor might have equipment to recycle the asphalt or they may use all new materials. Removing the old asphalt should go fairly quickly, but it's just the first step in the driveway installation.

You'll need to arrange different parking places for your cars since the process takes multiple days. The paving contractor can let you know how many days your parking will be affected since you'll also need to allow time for the asphalt to cure once it's in place.

Build The Base And Add Drainage

The base under a driveway is just as important as the asphalt on top. The contractor may bring in gravel to add to the soil and then compact the mix to create a strong base. They'll also ensure the base has proper drainage, either by the slope of the driveway or by putting in a drain system. If the base can't drain, the driveway won't last as long.

Pour On Asphalt

The final step in an asphalt driveway installation is to pour on the new asphalt and spread it around. The goal is to create a surface that's without imperfections and that has a uniform thickness. The contractor may compact this layer of asphalt too so it bonds together and to the bottom layers and base. You may need to stay off the asphalt for a few days or longer. It depends on the weather conditions and how fast the asphalt cures.

A new asphalt driveway gives the curb appeal of your home a big boost. The driveway should stay attractive for a long time if you take care of it well. You might want to sealcoat the asphalt periodically and have repairs done as soon as you notice any damage.

Talk to a paving contractor to learn more about asphalt driveway paving

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