Should You Focus On New Builds For Your Residential Paving Business?

As a concrete contractor or business owner, getting more customers is the key to the survival of your business. You want your company to thrive and you want to grow your client base at the same time.

You can do both by focusing on the right demographic. When you have residential paving to do, it's wise to pay attention to the established neighborhoods around you that have cracked or older paving so you can repair them or offer to repave or replace existing paving. However, the better demographic to draw into your business may be one that hasn't even fully established itself in your community yet — the new builds.

New build homes are the homes that are just being erected and likely don't even have buyers for them yet. But they do have contractors who are building them and someone or some business has to own them. They are the target demographic that can help your residential asphalt paving business really take off. Here's how you can approach this demographic and why they should be your main focus.

There is little competition but a great urgency

A driveway will have to be created on these new builds, and unless a contractor is already locked in to do the work, a need for a concrete or residential paving contractor will be present when the home gets ready to be moved into or sold. This is where you come in. With great urgency and little barrier to entry, you can easily put in a contractor bid for the work to be done and become the chosen residential paving contractor for the new builds.

If you're lucky and prompt, you may even be able to get the contract for an entire neighborhood. It's wise to leave your card with business investors, bankers, real estate agents, land developers, and more to help you get your foot in the door with new builds.

You establish yourself in your field

The sooner you can get a whole demographic's attention for your work, the sooner you can establish yourself as an authority in your field. In the end, the work is up to you but you will be able to reach a wider audience and grow your demographic as well as your sales by reaching the right audience in the first place. Whether you are an established residential paving business or new to the industry, this outlet is a great way to get your name out there.

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