Things To Consider When Working With Large Amounts Of Concrete

Concrete is a common building material, and some things are critical when working with large batches of concrete. Buying ready-mix concrete for your project is a good starting point, but there are other things to consider when getting ready for concrete delivery.

Delivery Timing

Before you order concrete or set a time for concrete delivery to your job site, everything must be ready for the concrete pour. If the concrete delivery arrives before the site is ready, you could hold up the concrete truck and the effect concrete mix in the drum.

In some cases, ready-mix concrete can tolerate some delays, but there are limits to how long the concrete will still be workable. Additionally, if the concrete truck is sitting on your job site, they are not delivering concrete to other places that may be waiting for them. 

Often, delays like this can result in additional fees from the concrete supplier and put the construction crew under pressure which may result in errors that require attention after the concrete pour.

Concrete Pumping

For concrete delivery jobs that require the concrete to go into forms that are difficult to reach with the concrete truck, pumping the concrete into the forms may be necessary. A concrete pumping truck should be on the job site before the ready-mix concrete arrives.

As the concrete arrives, it is dumped into the hopper on the pumper truck, and the pumping service can control the rate of the concrete delivery at the hose tip to control the pour. When using concrete pumping on your job site, it is essential to have the trucks with the concrete arrive a few minutes apart so they can fill the pumper and not have to sit and wait behind several other trucks. 

Ready Mix Concrete

The properties of concrete can vary depending on the specific mix and ingredients utilized in its production. Ready-mix concrete is made ahead of time in a concrete plant and mixed as it goes into the concrete truck for delivery. 

Typically the dry ingredients are measured into the drum, and then the water is added to start mixing the parts into the right concrete blend for your job. The benefit of mixing to order is that the concrete plant operator can repeat the mix to create as much concrete as you need. 

If you come up a few yards short, they can mix a partial load for you and ensure all the concrete is the same so it cures evenly and has the same properties over the entire floor, foundation, or wall. 

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